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  1. Newbie with indicator problem
  2. SRT Wing Emblems
  3. Switching Tails. Any Chance Its PNP?
  4. Someone vandalized my headlight (plastic cover is shattered)
  5. Nissan Pathfinder Fog Lamps
  6. Where are we mounting ballasts for fog light HIDs?
  7. **HELP** How do I install this? (PICTURES INCLUDED)
  8. Perfect Pair Mods
  9. Right Side Exterior Lights Quit Working
  10. Wing Emblems for Chrysler Crossfire
  11. Front signal light
  12. Tail for the SRT-DTM
  13. How do I remove the weather strip retainer?
  14. Convertible top troubleshooting
  15. Windshield Surround Base coupe Blk losing its luster
  16. Door edge guards?
  17. Morimoto Install Question
  18. Busted Passenger Side Fog Light Cover
  19. '04 coupe headlights
  20. Rear Corner Markers
  21. Passenger License plate light no power? Oh damn.
  22. Missing piece under front license plate
  23. Spider LEDS for the tail lights
  24. Power source when door is open '07 Roadster
  25. Colouring Inside of headlights
  26. Repaint: Black to White
  27. H7 HID Bulb
  28. No Fastener Front License Plate Mount
  29. Windshield wipers grommets
  30. I'm doing a car 3m vinyl wrap
  31. ??? Lights
  32. Jaguar hood vents
  33. Hood liner removal
  34. Door Mirror Repaint, Seperation?
  35. Parts needed - front fender and headlight
  36. Headlight Restoration Question...
  37. lamp out indicator
  38. LED vs HID H7
  39. Rear Convertible Window Failure
  40. Brake light relay
  41. I found Stealth Bulbs. Again.
  42. Headlight Horror Story
  43. Can anyone help me?
  44. Cost to Black Out Crossfire
  45. Whats the best fuse to connect LEC Strip lights to to come stay on as running lights
  46. Hazed headlights
  47. Word to the wise !!!
  48. CARID Headlights
  49. Water in footwell
  50. Headlight Protection Film, anybody use it?
  51. new paint job on my srt6
  52. Dallas Area Paint Shop
  53. Installed HIDs - concerned about wiring
  54. Weisslicht LED Headlights?
  55. Spoiler? What style? Where do I get it!?
  56. Wiper Maintenance - Please don't make my mistake
  57. Install Mopar Nose Mask Front Bumper
  58. Headlight Bulb Clips Saab P/N 5400007
  59. Center Mount Brake Light Gremlin
  60. NEW Fog Light housings, LED based. Who would want this to happen?
  61. Dupli Color Custom Wrap
  62. Painting wheels with a TPMS
  63. Possible solution to LED hyperflash without the need of resistors?
  64. Widebody Crossfire...
  65. oyster gold and black xf
  66. high beam lever
  67. all on mod
  68. Side skirts screws and clips
  69. 3 flashes when locking
  70. Exterior Trim Paint Code ???
  71. Body Kit
  72. Incandescent light bulbs by Osram/Sylvania
  73. Finding brake light holder
  74. Front Marker Light as Turn Signal
  75. Flashing third. Brake light coupe
  76. CONFUSED about lengths of wiper arms and wiper blade placement
  77. Light Concern #2
  78. Lamp Out Indicator staying on
  79. How do I remove the entire Headlight Assembly/Headlamp(s)?
  80. Custom running lights?
  81. Right front turn signal not working.
  82. Fender LED signal lamps!!
  83. Color of front license plate bracket
  84. Reversing/Parking sensors
  85. Lighted Badge
  86. Vortex Generators
  87. I am going insane...
  88. Indicator / signal lights stuck on
  89. little red light near headlight controls
  90. mystery wire by fog light
  91. 04 Coup Door Window Compatibilty
  92. Why do my headlights always have this jagged look on the driver side?
  93. Front Indicator not working.
  94. Rear winged emblem
  95. Headlight updates kit
  96. Fog lamp switch
  97. Broken headlight socket
  98. Turn signal switch
  99. Remove glue from hood
  100. Morimoto 3Five HID bulbs on sale!!!
  101. Clear side markers
  102. Too bad we can't make these fit !
  103. How to avoid scratching front spoiler
  104. Replaced trunk lift supports
  105. NEW LED guide for the cars - March 2015
  106. Windshield trim loose
  107. SRT-6 Front bumper question.
  108. Splash Shield
  109. Driver side Standing Lights, Parking Lights not working
  110. fixitmannn1 and his shady Ebay Sales Tactics.
  111. Fog Light Lens Hazy on Inside
  112. Rear Light Cluster - Orange Light bulb
  113. tail light covers
  114. Repainting the silver frame above the windshield ?
  115. Low Beams Repeatedly Shutting Off
  116. Rear winged emblem
  117. Headlight replaced but still won't turn on
  118. Hatch swap possible?
  119. Adjusting headlight assembly as a whole unit
  120. Day time running lights - terrible low beams
  121. how to replace brake light on a convertable
  122. Flasher Hazard
  123. left tail light issue
  124. Gap Between Hood and Bumper Cover
  125. eyebrows...
  126. Vinyl wrap or paint front window trim?
  127. side skirts
  128. Body Shop Recommendations in Nashville Area
  129. HiD headache for my SRT
  130. Cabriolet Wavy Lines
  131. Startech twist?
  132. Unique color here
  133. Need help - Screw next to trunk latch won't bite
  134. So much info bit...
  135. King Penn Windrestrictor
  136. Right Front Side Marker Light Lens
  137. Foglamp Housing
  138. Grille
  139. Right side marker/parking light/brake light fuse trouble
  140. converting hi-beams into low beams?
  141. Brake lights
  142. Crossfire fiberglass rear diffusers made in Germany / Possible group buy
  143. Wheal well Fog Light Covers
  144. Speedo light
  145. LED hi beam, low beam and fog
  146. Paint Codes for all Crossfires (ZH) by Year
  147. Actually more like "Ground Affects)
  148. Info on replacing the centre high mount brake light
  149. Panel lights out?
  150. roadster windshield trim
  151. My Parts Order Experience/Don't order parts from Chrysler Parts Center. com
  152. condensation in headlight
  153. Sillverstar headlight blub recall/rebate
  154. Mirror replacement
  155. Front License Plate Bracket
  156. Dash Bulb and Speedo
  157. I did the mesh grille after an accident...
  158. Trunk edges putting dents in car
  159. Decals under Wing
  160. WTB: Two Front Fenders
  161. Hood Idea
  162. Fresh Paint
  163. Adjust/aim headlights
  164. Window Trim, Door and Interior Silver
  165. noobie question?
  166. Interior lights won't come on when doors are opened
  167. 2004 driver side tail light
  168. need help
  169. Dipped all black. Became batmobile.
  170. What happens if....???
  171. Questions about driving light hole cover
  172. Day time running Leds finished
  173. European front license holder
  174. Karmann badges
  175. How do the lower front grills come out?
  176. The wheels got Plasti Dipped.
  177. Rear Side Marker Socket Replacement
  178. Difference between chrome wrap and real chrome?
  179. Daytime Running Lights
  180. Tape coming off coupe
  181. Front grill
  182. Brake Light Challenge
  183. windshield trim coming off om trip to south florida
  184. Windscreen paint
  185. Laser Projector Crossfire Logo in door
  186. Headlight Group Buy?
  187. Hit a tire... hard.
  188. Areocatch Hood pins installed
  189. Installed OSRAM 65W 12V H7 PX26d High and Low
  190. Questions about interior lights
  191. Red or Clear Side Markers sought - swap for orange or buy
  192. My headlights are flashing!! :(
  193. Led license plate light problems
  194. parking light comes on with brakes
  195. Damaged side skirt
  196. Recommended replacement LED fog lamps...
  197. 2005 outside mirrors diagram needed
  198. Side markers bulb socket
  199. I can't find it...
  200. Windshield Trim Mystery
  201. Vinyl/plasti dip tail lights?
  202. Headlight
  203. carbon fiber
  204. Daytime running light
  205. Is there a copy of the Startech spoiler?
  206. side skirts
  207. Spoiler
  208. Tail lights question, possible LED mod
  209. Plasti Dip Convertible Top
  210. Contemplating LED DRL lights
  211. indicator lense
  212. slasher stripes
  213. Headlight part numbers
  214. Crossfire Accessories Online Store
  215. Stop/Brake Light
  216. Anthracite Grey Plasti-Dip
  217. Headlights
  218. Paint Colour (Color)?
  219. Mirror trim?
  220. Installing Underglow?
  221. Reflective Tint vs Black Tint
  222. Fuse for the trunk light?
  223. Illuminated Entry Issue
  224. Removing/replacing OEM Chrysler badges?
  225. Power folding side (wing) mirrors.
  226. windshield wiper replacement blades 2007 Roadster Ltd
  227. Passenger Side Lower Grille (Need One Asap)
  228. My "f" fell off 😩
  229. wiper arm nut covers
  230. Plastidip Everything!
  231. Window Tinting Help! 😳
  232. Need your help! Brake lights not working.
  233. brake light problem
  234. Glove Box bulb lens cover removal
  235. Hood Wing Emblem - Replacement?
  236. Auto self dimming mirror question??
  237. HID's
  238. Door opening problem
  239. under body panel (splash guard or whatever they are called)
  240. Any pictures on the forum that show exactly how to aim your headlights?
  241. Side marker and fog lights wont turn off
  242. No Reverse Lights
  243. 3rd brake light remake
  244. Fog Lights?
  245. Replacement Fog Light Lense?
  246. Replacement Lense for Right Side Fog Lamp
  247. The top line of my trim broke off?
  248. Replaacement lens for the fog lights
  249. replacement fog light
  250. GLASS headlights?