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Originally Posted by JEFASOLD View Post
You can paint it yourself but you need to know a few things before you start. You need a compressor with enough capacity to power the HVLP guns, many of them require 10-15 cfm at 40 psi. You will need a good fluid filter and pressure regulator, also a good respirator and goggles. You do not want to spray it slightly dry, that happens when you have too little fluid and/or your gun is too far from the work surface. You only want 2-3 coats of clear and you never touch the base color, no rubbing, sanding etc. If you get a run in the clear, they make a small razor tool to repair this. Wet sand the clear in steps all the way up to 3k to 4k grit before buffing, and for beginners it is best to use good foam buffing pads like 3M. They run cooler and will help prevent burning your finish. If your clear uses an epoxy hardener, you want to make sure is it dry before trying to buff but don't wait for days or it will be hard as a rock. There are some decent videos on Utube but the best bet is find an expert painter and pick his brain, I like to chat with a guy named Ryan Oreck of Oreck Designs, His cars have won national recognition.
okay doing a bit of research already and need a bit of advice. im a mechanic on the budget and because of that, make everything harder on myself but as long as it gets the job done right, im all for it. with that said, the nearest appliance store is harbor freight for me and their tools work for the amount of time i use them and are pretty cheap (although the i never buy wrenches/sockets/bits from them).

Search results for: 'compressor'
so judging from the above psi i'm assuming these compressor would work since the minimum on their catalog is 100psi? but what about the amount of hp?

Search results for: 'hvlp'
these are the guns. one's 17bucks (i dont trust it lol)

High Volume, Low Pressure Spray Gun Kit
im leaning a bit towards this. it's got good reviews from their site and for small projects, it might be ideal.