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Default Re: Driveshaft length

Originally Posted by amx1397 View Post
with my 5.4 using the V 8 , the transmission mount fit in stock location ,so did the drive shaft ,, i would say if your slk230 was auto and now u are using a 5.4 with its tranny bolted to it the stock drive shaft should fit my stock drive shaft lasted 4 years with 300 runs down the 1/4 mile running in the 10's ,with over 600 hp so yea use it.
That's just it, the Crossfire driveshaft would put the V8 in the correct location because Mercedes redid a couple of things after 2001 to accommodate the V6. my SLK is a pre-2001 and the V8 was a couple of inches farther back because of how the 4 cylinder was positioned.

I just need to make sure that the Crossfire driveshaft is indeed 2" longer than my SLK230 shaft.