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Old 12-17-2017, 11:18 AM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

Originally Posted by AlvinByars View Post
So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I have been visiting this forum almost daily for the last couple of months. I find it most enjoyable and quite entertaining, and although I know none of you, I feel a kind of closeness to all of you. Among the most entertaining of the posts on this forum are the comparisons between the Crossfire and other automobiles, such as the RUF Porsches, entertaining to the point of silliness. So, I thought I would make some comparisons of my own and ask why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I regularly drive four automobiles: my Crossfire, of course, an Oldsmobile LeSabre, a somewhat modified Jeep Wrangler rolling on some fairly serious rubber, and a Dodge quad-cab four-by-four also rolling on some fairly serious rubber.

So how does the LeSabre compare to the RUF Porches? Well, there are times when you just want to kick back on a big comfortable sofa and cruise down the road with one finger on the steering wheel, totally unaware of all those bumps, and grooves and broken pavement on the highway. Try that in those firm, laterally supportive seats of a Porsche with all that wonderful feedback through the steering. When I am behind the wheel of the LeSabre, I just feel good.

Many have complained about the Crossfire’s numb steering. Believe me, you don’t know what numb steering is until you’ve spent a day behind the wheel of a Wrangler. And some have also complained about the notchy shifting of the manual stick Crossfire noting that it’s not as quick shifting as some cars on the road. Well, let me tell you, in my Wrangler I can outshift any eighteen wheeler on the road. And what about driveability and comfort compared to a RUF Porsche. In my Wrangler, every day is an adventure in driving and I can assure you I will never fall asleep at the wheel. And how does the road handling of the Wrangler compare to that of the RUF Porsche? Heck, who needs a road? And what about power and torque? I have yet to see anyone pull stumps on the ranch in their Porsche. When I am behind the wheel of the Wrangler, I just feel good.

And the quad-cab four-by-four pickup? Well, let’s see someone pile the family and the two labs in the Porsche and head to the cattle auction pulling eight full-grown bulls in the cattle trailer. And maneuverability? It’s amusing to look down on the Porsches maneuvering in an out of the traffic on the heighway because they can’t see five miles down the road like I can up in the cab of the pickup. And, although I am not certain, one or two of those bumps in the highway that I ran over may have actually been a Porsche. And when I behave myself well enough so that my wife let’s me drive the pickup (it’s her daily driver), I just feel good behind the wheel.

I think you’re beginning to get my point. The Crossfire just makes me feel good. And it’s fun. And I am willing to bet that is why most of you bought your Crossfire. I know Dan Root has fun in his Crossfire. Heck, he has more fun with his Crossfire just sitting at his keyboard than most of us have sitting behind the wheel of our Crossfires. And can there be any doubt about whether RedCross loves his crossfire? He spends so much time personalizing his Crossfire that it is obvious he is in love. And it’s obvious that MI Roadster not only loves her Crossfire, she loves everyone who drives a Crossfire.

For the very few of you who just don’t feel good sitting behind the wheel of your Crossfire, then I hope that you find something that does make you feel good. I pray that Santa brings Bullseye an Evo for Christmas, because God only knows that we all deserve to feel good behind the wheel of whatever it is that we are driving.

I wish all of you the merriest of holidays, and I hope that throughout the holidays and beyond, may your Crossfire make you feel good.

I do realize this post is OLD but Alvin you did mean Buick LeSabre? Correct.
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Old 12-17-2017, 05:29 PM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

His last activity was in 2012.
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Old 12-19-2017, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I found this car last January at Delray Toyota in FLorida. It had 21K on it and was a one owner car in mint condition! I bought it for my wife. The car is very stylish and turns heads.
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Old 12-19-2017, 06:16 PM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I've always likes boat tail styling !!!
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Old 12-25-2017, 09:42 AM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

Cause I didn't have anything else to do.....


Seems I wanted to Rescue the Crossfire....


How hard could it be, it's "just" a car....


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Old 12-25-2017, 10:50 AM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I like that phrase, "It's just a car". I wish I had thought of it.
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Old 12-25-2017, 10:58 AM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I have always been a sucker for a stray dog ......
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

Well I was looking for another Fiero with V6 and 5 speed but all I found were run into the ground. Then I found the Crossfire. Already had a Grand Cherokee so (for me) was a logical progression.

Have always preferred a 6 cyl two-seater for a personal car back to my Jag days. Power steering, AC, and a six speed were all plusses that offset the lack of tilt steering and a roof vent.

Four years later am still enjoying it with a new set of Contis the only real expense. Now also have an SLK320 with about half the miles for topless days, again a logical progression and most spares fit both.
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Old 12-25-2017, 06:19 PM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I loved the looks of the crossfire ...and the performance of srt-6 version was /is hard to beat for the $$ ,the rarity was a big one for me too as i dont like seeing my car everywhere.
I lurked and read alot here on the forum to see what i might be getting into before i took the plunge.
No regrets at all .
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Old 02-04-2018, 10:13 PM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

In 2005 I went in to look at the redesigned Mustang. Couldn't get a GT because they were all sold out. I went next door to Chrysler and bumped into the Crossfire. I knew nothing about the car but there were things about it that really reminded me of my dad's 1976 350SL. Started doing a little research and realized it was mostly a Mercedes. I was hooked by the story behind the car. Loved the looks. Dealerships were willing to negotiate so I bought it. 2005 base coupe for 25K. Still sitting in the garage 13 years later with 60K miles. I managed to work out all of the typical bugs. My wife wants me to sell it but THAT IS NOT HAPPENING! I just use the argument that I picked her up in the car on our first date so it is a reminder of her

By the way, the 1976 350SL now sits right next to the crossfire in the garage. They make a great pair!
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

Wife & I were having conversation about buying a sports car and the Crossfire was one we were interested in. Found our 2007 in KCMO (KC North) during a visit with my parents one weekend. Negotiated a reasonable price with the dealer and pulled the trigger on buying it.
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I found myself in need of a car to use for Courier work, and made a list if things that i Positively the Car would NOT have.
1. No Chrysler/dodge products. (bad luck in the past.)
2. No silver of any shade. (black and Red are also out)
3. No Rubber band tires. (I hate the look of HUGE rims on cars)

After some searching online i found a Volvo that seemed perfect, and went to see it.
I never saw the Volvo, I realized that the lot was a side business of a shady tow service operator. (legal Business, but i ain't buying nothing from him.)

Bummer, turned around in his lot and started driving home, as i was driving i saw this Sexy thing sitting on the side of the road out in front of Sinful Sensations (adult store) she was holding up a sign saying i could go around the world with her if I wanted to and it would cost me. I'm a Happily Married man, and i knew getting involved with a shameless Hussy like her would get me in trouble, but i couldn't stop myself. I had to go back and take a look at just how much would it cost Me?

So i went back, turned into the lot, got a good look at Her, I knew her!, well of her.... Oh my, the Fantasies of my Youth... she had that look i still can't resist, Jeremy Clarkson hasn't a Clue what a beautiful backside our cars have. Frankly i think the only view of this lady that could be even considered a bit average is dead on from the front. (tarted up Sebrings muddying the look with the strakes on the hood..)

She had always been out of my league, and figured she still was, and what would my Wife say?
Well it turns out her Boyfriend was moving out of state, and dumping her. What an ***, all he cared about was $5000 he wanted out of her.

Don't get me wrong this Girl has been around the block a time or two, but I had to have Her, Make her Mine. She needed someone to look beyond her faults, to help Her out, and i Wanted Her so, so badly. How could i say No?

My wife seems to be getting used to me and my new Mistress, and the money i spend on her.
She can't say much as she just got out of a relationship with some Italian boy toy named tony. (one too many times of telling him to Fix It Again Tony .)( called himself Mr 500 wore a black rug most of the time, every once in awhile he would take it off.(first car i ever had to buy a lint roller for. My Cat "trip" would not stay off the cabriolet top) ) She picked up some new white guy now. (seems OK, and doesn't mind hauling her friends around but he is so Boring)

In the end i find myself driving
1. a Chrysler product (mostly Mercedes.)

that is Silver.
2. Graphite grey

that has
3. rubber band tires.

low profile 18"-19" tires.
They look great, they fit the look, and they were designed for the car. ( I also have a 71 Olds Cutlass that would look STUPID with 19" rims(IMO))
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I had a Miata NC before this, but it kept having niggly problems and was not very practical.
I saw mine for sale locally. I bought it as they are a lot of car for the money and a looker. They are cheap here, as they are expensive to insure, road tax is high and fuel economy is poor - so people don't want them generally.

I like their rarity here - maybe 3000 in the country?. I've had mine about 10 months and only seen one other in that time. Believe it or not, that one is just 1/2 mile up the road from me!
They do still get a lot of admiring looks.
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Old 02-11-2018, 12:03 PM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

Tired of hauling around an empty back seat; bought a two seater!
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Old 02-12-2018, 10:15 PM
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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I was getting tired of my 1985 Mustang GT Conv. Had it for 19 years but my wife didn't like riding in it. So i started looking for a replacement toy car, had my eye on a T Bird but couldn't touch one for under $15,000. Stumbled into my XFire, my daughter told me about this "T Bird" coupe?? she saw on her way to work for $6000 so I had to check it out, I am now a happy X Fire owner. Who would have guessed. Mustang sold to first looker.

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Default Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I bought my first one cause I was looking for "the next thing" in my life and when I met Deb Walker and went to a meet with 15 cars, I knew that I'd not be going back to the Harley dealer after all. (They were asses back in 2009, I'm kinda glad that Harley is now showing signs of being a dying company).

I bought the second one cause the first was an automatic.

I bought the third when the second was lost in an accident where a teen girl pulled out into traffic.

If there is a fourth, it will probably be an SRT...
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Talking Re: So … why the heck did you buy a Crossfire?

I wanted it as it seemed like a good choice for autocrossing and highway driving, power rear wheel drive and 2 doors. Went on Ebay and then went to PA to pick it up. 25000 miles so far. Woody
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