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By: Valk
Today 08:45 PM

I agree !! I too have gotten fond of just skipping 1rst gear unless starting uphill 2nd is very comfortable for a smooth start on level ground with no need to ride the clutch
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Today 08:40 PM

I apologize for leaving out the main word. However I will say that your car looks magnificent.
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By: razz19
Today 07:32 PM

It seems I have a SKREEM or SKRIM issue. Car turns over and starts but immediately stalls out. No one around hear has the needed technology to read and diagnose the problem (DRB Unit ?) I am...
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Today 07:16 PM

It is the m112k.
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Today 07:04 PM

My guess is the resonator or the muffler or the cats have had too many birthdays. I would have an exhaust guy look at it to determine, could be a cheap fix.
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Today 05:47 PM

https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.crossfireforum.o rg-vbulletin/2000x1124/20190615_180841_8bb7 4dab25ffe4383380f292 4fba142b43eb223b.jpg Worlds Largest Frying Pan, Rose Hill, NC Hey Bpositive ---- I've...
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By: Bob54
Today 03:35 PM

Thank you, now i can get to work.:D
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By: WD40
Today 03:11 PM

Wow. The best price I could find for the actual Mercedes part was $3.07 EACH! Most places much more. The original suggestion worked just fine though. I also found the items below pissing around on...
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Today 02:26 PM

Great, thanks.
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Today 02:05 PM

Auto or Stick, AC working? DHS
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Today 01:41 PM

http://www.rockauto.com/Images/forum/june-19Forum.png Summer has begun, which makes it a great time to catch up on vehicle maintenance! And to make now an even better time to inspect and replace...
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Today 01:24 PM

I'd like to suggest NOT using that box. I actually find it way easier to type my problem into Google like this: "Chrysler Crossfire thing that is broke" and look for the forum links - seems to...
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Today 01:19 PM

Yea, resync it. BUT I helped one guy who, when they replaced the top, they managed to knock a wire off one cylinder, or one sensor, can't remember now. That was enough to confuse the system, so...
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Today 12:32 PM

Hello Blacksrt-6 Im trying to get some information for a customer on your hitch. If you are still selling them and a contact for this customer so they can order the hitch for their car. Thanks
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By: Morphh
Today 12:31 PM

I finally figured it out, the brand new iat sensor I got from dealership was faulty, I put old iat sensor in and everything is normal again car is at 9-11c above ambient and only 51c wot 2nd gear...
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Today 11:15 AM

Actually, I seen the boost fitting installed down in the Y Pipe before and originally I wanted to do it like that. However, IMO that's the right/hard way to do it due to fact that you had to remove...
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Today 11:07 AM

I found that if you pull the rubber grip away from the steel hand brake on al four sides and squirt WD40 between the gap using the straw in the can you can get the grip of easier. Be careful it does...
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Today 09:15 AM

I have had alot of positive comments on my magna flow set up, but I deleted the rear cats and put in a mf dual in /out and dual 2 1/4 pipes back to quad tips, getting ride of the sharp bends around...
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Today 09:08 AM

If you go to my signature there you will find “Index of Crossfire .......”, if you go to the body section you will find the ‘Mopar Paint Index’, look for the year and then Crossfire and you will find...
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Today 08:54 AM

Dennis Did you review all of the posts related to this thread? Even though I can't attend this year, I followed up with Ed @ Carlisle Events concerning the tent. The CICCI is NO longer on the list...
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