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Default Thank you ZAHANAMA, Eurocharged and Krazy House Kustoms...

I will admit (and I am sure most of you know...) I have been super frustrated with my current LET/Eurocharged "tune", but I will say that Matt/Jerry/Tony from Eurocharged and Brandon from Krazy House Kustoms are doing everything they can in order for this situation to be right. We arrived last night at Krazy House Kustoms around 7:15pm (after hours!) and strapped my car down and did some dyno pulls to try and dial it in. Long story short, the tune I currently had was a mess. A/F was rich (except at the top) and the timing was all over the map. I still managed a decent 340hp and 377tq to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno.....Anyway, I was still going way lean at the top of 3rd and 4th. Few tweaked tunes later we were able to get a decent A/F throughout the RPM band except it kept leaning out at the top still. Hmmmmm, at this point we didn't think my BAP was working so......We put a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail to see what the fuel pressure was doing at that point. Low and behold, soon as the car reached the top of 3rd, the needle "fluttered". What that means, I am not sure as it still did have what looked like, decent fuel pressure. The owner of the shop, Brandon (who was a super nice guy) said it is possible I was running out of injector, but more a fuel pump issue. Not sure....

I have decided to go the SL55 fuel pump route and be done with it. After all, my current pump does have 52k miles on it so it wouldn't hurt to change it.....I am praying this solves the lean conditions on top. The car has more in it and the current tune definitely needs to be tweaked as I am running higher octane and meth. We should see some nice numbers once we can get the lean condition to subside, add a bit of timing etc.....

I just felt it was necessary to thank all of these people that are going out of their way to help me out. Thanks guy! We are not there, but we will get this right eventually!

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