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Default Re: Crossfire in Prince Edward Island

Originally Posted by ObeyTheSchnauzer View Post
As a prospective member of the Crossfire community, I was pleased to find this page.

While I am a car geek going back to my high school days, Crossfires are an unknown entity. I am familiar with their family lineage, but when it comes to buying one I am a complete newbie. That said, if anyone would care to share their infinite knowledge & wisdom regarding all things Crossfire, I would be eternally grateful. Things like service issues, trouble spots and real world fuel economy info would be perfect.

Any 'been there. done that, got the T-shirt" buying experience would be most welcome. For that matter, any "I wish I knew that before I bought one" advice would also be great.

So feel free to school me, 'casue I am here to learn.
Read this set of threads, it's a good start.
Tips on buying a Crossfire. CLICK
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