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Old 03-20-2017, 03:28 PM
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Default May Ghost town drive!

Cruising time is here, and first on deck for this year in the NW is our Central Oregon Ghost Town Drive! There is contact information in this post, and it can be found on Facebook as well. I will monitor this post to answer any questions or lend advise

MAY 2017
Friday, May 26th the first group will meet in Yakima, WA at the Best Western Ahtanum
Inn in Union Gap (Yakima). Motel information is included in a separate attachment. I do NOT
have rooms reserved so hurry and book yours now! Since it IS a holiday weekend and by chance
they have no rooms, there are plenty of other options available. But don’t delay, high school
playoffs are also that weekend in the Yakima area. Whatever time you get to Yakima is fine. I
personally won’t be there until late in the evening. Other than everyone arriving, no activities
are planned for Friday day/night. We will be leaving Yakima at 8:00am the next morning to
meet everyone at Biggs Junction OR. (Yes Doug, you have to get up early!)
Saturday, May 27th 10:00AM meet in Biggs Junction, OR
First group will meet up with the second group at Biggs Junction, OR in the parking lot of the
Subway/Shell gas station/Linda’s Restaurant/Grand Central Travel at the corner of Hwy
97/Sherman Hwy and Biggs-Rufus Hwy/Frontage Road. It’s a truck stop as well so LOTS of
parking…which we always seem to need!! Once we are all present, tanks and stomachs are full
and no one needs to use the restroom we will head down Hwy 97, drive through some ghost
towns and spend some time in Shaniko, OR before heading out on HWY 218 to Fossil, OR for
lunch. Afterwards we will head on Hwy 19 to Condon, OR where we will spend Saturday and
Sunday nights. Motel options for this trip are very limited, so in order to make this
work…depending on how many ultimately end up coming…we MAY have to get creative as far
as sharing rooms. But for now I’ve reserved 14-16 rooms Saturday and 19-20 for Sunday. The
owner of the Condon Motel, Cheryl has also graciously offered to rent us two bedrooms in her
house if we need them! Motel information is included in a separate attachment.
SUNDAY, May 28th 10:00AM”ish” We will drive twisty curvy Hwy 206 to Heppner,
OR for lunch and back and see some CRAZY drop dead gorgeous scenery of Oregon state.
MONDAY, MAY 29TH 9:00AM Heading home  Hwy 206 through Cottonwood
Canyon to Hwy 97 and home depending of course on which direction you came!

Below is some hotel information

MAY 2017
Best Western Ahtanum Inn
Best Western Plus Ahtanum Inn, Yakima Washington
I do NOT have rooms reserved. If this motel is booked, there are plenty of options in the
Yakima area. Just don’t procrastinate…there will be a lot of high school playoffs in town
that weekend.
Below is information I copied and pasted from the Condon Motel’s owner, Cheryl Baker.
To make reservations, and if you have questions please call 541-384-2181.
Here is the room breakdown and charges including taxes.

Saturday, May 27th - 14 Rooms
101 - 1 Double Bed and 1 Twin Bed
$69.42 for the Double and/or $80.00 for Both Beds
102 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
105 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
106 - 1 Queen Room and 1 Twin Bed
$69.42 for the Queen Bed and/or $80.00 for Both Beds
107 - 2 Double Beds - $80.00
108 - 2 Double Beds - $80.00
109 - 1 Queen Room and 1 Twin Bed
$69.42 for the Queen Bed and/or $80.00 for Both Beds
110 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
111 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
112 - 1 Queen Bed, 1 Double Bed w/ 1 Twin Bed in a small adjoining room closed
off with a pocket door.
$69.42 for the Queen Bed and/or $80.00 for Both Queen and Double and/or
$97.19 for all 3 beds
113 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
114 - 1 King Room - $74.76
115 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
116 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
Sunday, May 28th these rooms are available in addition to the above
103 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
104 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
117 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
118 - 1 Queen Room - $69.42
This does not count the house that has 2 available bedrooms with a queen bed in each.
The master has its’ own bathroom and the guest room a bath right next to it.
There is another choice in Condon called the Condon Hotel. I’ve stayed there before
and it is very nice, but very “spendy”. Also, depending on which room, some might
require a minimum 3 night stay. But it IS an option if you are interested. It is considered
haunted and many have reported seeing a woman dressed in 1800 style white clothing
roaming the halls, hearing strange noises and lights turning themselves off and on again.
I never experienced any of that, but I will say…staying there did feel a little ominous at
Let me know if you have questions!
[email protected]
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Old 04-24-2017, 12:57 AM
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Default Re: May Ghost town drive!

Doing the Bump and Grind tonight! Our hotel arraignments are full and the trip is booked but if any late joiners wanted to fall in, perhaps rooms might be jockeyed.
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Old 05-25-2017, 01:57 AM
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Default Re: May Ghost town drive!

Whoop Whoop! This weekend is upon us and the weather looks amazing for cruising the desert north west. Betty and Blue are tuned up and gussied up for the beginning of spring / summer cruising season. The cruise is full and all rooms are booked, and this memorial day weekend is going to be amazing!

Catch us next time for our adventures in the spectacular Northwest!
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