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Old 09-17-2016, 10:15 PM
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Default NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

Sorry - I forgot to post this drive in the forum. It has been posted on the NWCC Facebook Group page for a few weeks. Hopefully everyone in the forum also belongs to the NWCC Facebook group! There is still time... hope to see you there!

************************************************** ***********************

Ok Crossfire Friends… Summer 2016 and driving season may be winding down, but it’s not over yet!

Now that we have all had time to recover from the absolutely fantastic time we had in Yakima for CAA7, it is time for us to come together once again and hit the open road!

You are all invited on the next adventure… A fabulous First-Weekend-of-Fall cruise over the breathtakingly scenic North Cascades Highway to the Old West themed town of Winthrop, WA

As this highway loops between massive peaks and along lakes colored turquoise by glacial silt, you’ll see why these mountains are called “the American Alps.” Many argue that the North Cascades Highway is the most scenic in Washington State, and it is loved by both auto drivers & motorcyclists alike. Of all the passes that traverse the Cascades this is the most mountainous with high hairpin turns and jaw-dropping vistas. It’s so rugged, it closes during winter months. And it is so stunning that travelers line up before sunrise on the day it reopens in late spring in order to be among the first across.

We’ll work our way west-to-east, stopping at several scenic and historic sites along the way (including a group drive across the top of Diablo Dam!) and ending in the Old West town of Winthrop in the Methow Valley. Winthrop is a fun little Wild West town complete with western wooden buildings, hitching rails, boardwalks & western murals.

Meetup bbetween 9:00-10:00am at the McDonald’s right off of I-5 in Burlington, WA at: 876 Nevitt Road, Burlington, WA 98233

Once everyone arrives and has had a bite to eat & all tanks are fully gassed up (no later than 10:30am), we will get rolling out on Highway 20 through Sedro Wolley, Concrete, and Rockport. There are planned stops in Marblemount, Newhalem, Diablo, and more.

-Cameras: No shortage of spectacular photo ops – with & without your car, so make sure your cameras are fully charged & ready!
-Food/Drinks: You will need to plan ahead and bring individual snacks & drinks for the drive as there aren’t many services in route and we won’t be arriving in Winthrop until after 3:00pm. We will have a couple of really great picnic spots to stop at, so packing a lunch is suggested.
-Weather/Clothing: While we always hope for sunshine & warmth, this trip will take us over a mountain pass so prepare for possible rain & cooler temps than at the lower elevations. Wind will be a factor as well, so a sweatshirt and/or jacket is recommended as are sturdy shoes.
-Pets: Almost all of the restaurants & lodgings in Winthrop allow pets and this route is very dog-friendly. I am considering bringing my own little canine co-pilot with me on this trip, so please feel free to do the same!

For those of you that would want (or need) to make it an overnight trip, there are currently options for lodging available in Winthrop. But - you should not wait long to make a reservation, as weekends are very busy and last minute day-of arrangements may be very hard to find.

Overnighting in Winthrop would allow those who want to continue the “Cascade Loop” and continue south to Wenatchee and then west on highway 2 to Leavenworth (the Bavarian themed village) where they are having their “Autumn Leaf Festival” weekend Sept. 24-25th. Or those that want to drop south from Wenatchee could also catch I-90 to head west back to the Seattle area.

Here are a few with openings on Saturday, September 24th on our arrival to Winthrop. Strongly suggested to book as soon as possible!

These first three are in close proximity to each other and are walking distance to grocery store & to East 20 Pizza/Brew.

The Virginian Resort: The Virginian Resort
(866) 996 2535 808 North Cascades Highway 20 Winthrop, WA 98862
Western rustic/dated, Restaurant on-site, Cabins available, Riverfront rooms available, Pet-Friendly $10/night
Volleyball court, Horseshoe Pit, BBQ area, Picnic tables, No Pool, Free wireless internet in the office only.
Note: Cancelation policy is TWO days ahead of reservation, Full payment due 48 hours PRIOR to arrival

Abby Creek Inn: AbbyCreek Inn - Winthrop's Friendliest Hotel
(509) 996-3100 1006 Hwy. 20 Winthrop, WA 98862
Standard motel room style, Pet-Friendly $15/night, Free continental breakfast 7-10am, WiFi in all rooms
Pool – I called but they aren’t sure it will still be open Sept. 24th
Free shuttle into Winthrop (only 1/2 mile, but it saves us from finding parking in town, which can be difficult)
Note: Cancelation policy is TWO days ahead of reservation, Full payment due 48 hours PRIOR to arrival

The Winthrop Inn: Winthrop Inn WA, Winthrop Lodging WA, Methow Valley, USA
(800)-444-1972 960 Highway 20 Winthrop, Washington 98862
Standard motel room style, Pet-Friendly, Pool is confirmed to be closed for season by Sept. 24th, but hot tub is open year-round. Note: Cancelation policy is one WEEK ahead of reservation.


Freestone Inn: Freestone Inn :: Accommodations
(509) 996-3906 31 Early Winters Drive Mazama, Washington 98833

Mazama Country Inn: Mazama Country Inn Resort Lodge Methow Valley WA USA
(800) 843-7951 15 Country Road Mazama, WA 98833

The Bunk House Inn: Rooms ? The Bunk House Inn
(509) 996-2148 209 Bluff Street Winthrop, WA 98862

Duck Brand Hotel: https://www.centralreservations.net/lodging/duckbrand
(509) 996-2408 248 Riverside Ave, Winthrop, WA 98862
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Smile Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

I am new to the club and would very much like to go along for the North Cascade
ride. I have a 2005 crossfire roadster. I live in the Everett mill creak area.
How do I make contact and set this up?
thank you
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Default Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

Hi jilsail, welcome to the group! We'd love to have you join us!

We are meeting at the McDonald's right off of I-5 in Burlington on Saturday the 24th between 9:00-10:00am.

We'll have a brief group meeting to discuss the drive and you can meet everyone. We have another new member coming with us on this drive as well.

All you have to do is show up at the McDonald's on Saturday and to make your hotel reservation if you plan on staying overnight in Winthrop. Most of us are booked at The Virginian Resort, the contact info is in my original post.

My name is Michelle Lederer and you can reach me here or on our Facebook group page: NWCC Northwest Crossfire Club if you have any other questions.

We'd love to have you join us - it's going to be a great trip!
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Default Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

Hi Jim (jilsail),

Sorry for my brief reply earlier today regarding Saturday's drive. I was on a trial run of the route and was using my phone to respond and lost my signal.

As I mentioned earlier, all that is required in order to participate in the drive is to meet up with the group at the McDonald's in Burlington. There are no fees or charges to participate in our group drives.

The McDonald's address is: 876 Nevitt Road Burlington 98233

We are planning on meeting between 9:00-10:00am and will try to be on the road shortly after 10:00.

If you are planning on staying overnight in Winthrop, the majority of the group is booked at The Virginian Resort. That hotel's reservations are done through a website called Central Reservations. I just did a check and they show rooms are still available for Saturday the 24th. https://www.centralreservations.net/lodging/virginian

If there are any problems getting a room at The Virginian, my web check also showed rooms available at both Abbycreek Inn and The Winthrop Inn, which are both located just down the street from The Virginian.

If you have any other questions, please let me know and I would be happy to assist.

We are looking forward to a fantastic drive on Saturday and it would be great to have you join us!
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Default Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

**UPDATES 9/18/16 as of 6:45pm**

Rooms are still available as of 6:00pm 9/18/16

**The Virginian Resort**
They are currently showing that rooms #34, #46 are open on Saturday the 24th with queen beds and room #42 (two queens / pet-friendly room) is also available. Booking for the Virginian must be done through the Central Reservations website:

**Abbycreek Inn**
Reservation website is showing rooms available on Saturday the 24th (King, 2 Queens, and Pet-Friendly rooms). They are on the same street as The Virginian Resort. **AbbyCreek Inn - Winthrop's Friendliest Hotel

**The Winthrop Inn**
Also shows rooms available on Saturday the 24th. **http://www.winthropinn.com/**

We **WILL** have a sit-down restaurant lunch stop on Saturday around 12-12:30pm. (You can still pack your own lunch if you prefer)

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Smile Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

Thank you for the information on the cascade run this weekend. I will know if I can make it to the road run some time late Tuesday. If I can not make it I will post you.

Looking forward to it.

Thank you

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Default Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway


Not long now... and things are looking really good!
We have collected a nice sized group for this drive -so far it looks like 13 cars are coming! And we even have two new members joining us that are new to NWCC!

There is still time to join in on the fun!
Rooms are still available at Abbycreek Inn and Winthrop Inn.

Please read the following itinerary that show the places and times of our planned stops. We have a lot of ground to cover and a lot to see! We will try to be as flexible as possible. The later start time and the addition of a sit-down lunch cut into our road time, so we'll really need for everyone to try to stick to this schedule as closely as possible. I will have printed copies to give everyone before we head out from Burlington.

Please note that due to the lack of services on this mountainous route, we will be eating lunch after just the first hour of driving and then there will not be another opportunity for a full meal (other than one stop at a 7-11 type store) until we reach Winthrop in late afternoon. Please plan accordingly!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I'll be posting a final update late Friday night and then it is....


9:00-10:00am Meet at McDonald’s in Burlington / 876 Nevitt Road – Burlington 98233
10:00-10:15am Introductions / Instructions / Radios / Etc
10:15am Depart
11:15am Arrive at Wildwood Roadside Chapel 58468 Clark Cabin Road - Marblemount / MP 103.5 /Photo Op
11:25am Depart
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch @ Mondo Restaurant 60102 State Route 20 – Marblemount / MP 106
12:30pm Depart
12:40pm Arrive at North Cascades National Park sign Marblemount // Photo Op
1:00pm Depart
1:20pm Arrive at North Cascades Visitor Center - Marblemount / MP 120 / Exhibits / Gift Shop / Restrooms
1:50pm Depart
2:00pm Arrive at Skagit General Store / Skagit Info Center / Old #6 Engine / Temple of Power / Gorge Powerhouse / Suspension Bridge / Trail of the Cedars / Photo Ops
2:30pm Depart -- from the Gorge Powerhouse parking lot area
2:40pm Arrive at Diablo Dam for drive-over / MP 127.5
3:10pm Depart
3:20pm Arrive at Diablo Lake Vista Point / MP 132
Restrooms / Picnic area / Photo Op
3:40pm Depart
4:15pm Arrive at Washington Pass Overlook / MP 162
Restrooms / Short Easy Path to Scenic Photo Op
4:45pm Depart

5:30pm Arrive @ The Virginian Resort – Winthrop

6:30pm Dinner! EAST20 Pizza & Brew
Right next door to The Virginian Resort parking lot!

We have an area reserved for us outside with picnic tables for group seating. This is a VERY popular place on weekends, so please expect that we may have a little bit of a wait for food.
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Default Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway

**LAST UPDATE: 9/23/16 10:00pm**

So.... are YOU ready?!! I sure am!

This is it... my last update before we meet in the morning.
Message me with any issues that come up prior to meeting.

We are at a total of thirteen cars and 21 people if the following list is correct:

Linda +1
Ronnie2 & Diane
Doug & Brenda
Erik & Joanne
Gary & Anna

**First Timers: Welcome to NWCC!**
Lisa Mora
Arlene Andresen
John Nichols & Wife / Arlington, WA
Jim (jilsail from Crossfire Forum) & Wife / Mill Creek, WA

The weather is expected to be dry as we head out and Winthrop should be at about 70 for the day. Please dress for cool temps & wind in the mountains. We will be eating dinner outside in Winthrop and the temp will drop when the sun goes down.

As I mentioned last night, we will be trying to keep a steady pace throughout the day in order to make it to Winthrop by 6;00pm, so we need everyone's cooperation to make that happen.

Please note that Winthrop is a very small town and most businesses and restaurants close by 9pm --- including EAST20 Pizza & Brew where we are having dinner, as well as The Virginian Resort main lobby seating area.

We shouldn't be impacted by the unfortunate situation that unfolded at the Cascade Mall in Burlington tonight, but I can't guarantee how the traffic situation might be affected in the area. We are meeting one exit north of the Cascade Mall on the opposite side of I-5 from the mall, so we should be ok.

Please bring your extra radios as we will have a couple of new drivers that may need them. We will be on channel 5 as usual.

That's it for now... I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Drive Safe - See You Soon!

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Default Re: NWCC Drive North Cascades Scenic Highway


If you haven't already seen these pics in the Northwest Crossfire Club Facebook group, here is the album that I shared of the trip. Several other folks also shared pics of the drive on the Facebook group page as well.


Thanks again for stopping by to introduce yourself before we got on the road! It was great meeting you. Hope the kitchen remodel is going well!

We'll let you know if any informal drives come up before winter. The only officially planned drive on the schedule right now is our annual Memorial Day trip, which is looking like it could be in/around the Bend, Oregon area this time.

I live in the Bothell - Canyon Park area, so honk if you see me!

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