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Help !!! Cooling Fan and A/C issues

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Default Help !!! Cooling Fan and A/C issues

I bought this 2005 Maroon 6speed coupe Crossfire in Oct 2018 with issues , always wanted one but could not afford when new. this is a Spring project .
It runs great it needs front tires and these items mentioned it has 144,000 miles on it has some clear coat peeling on car. wish I knew a local group of Crossfire owners in Maryland that could get togethers and local help.
1. Cooling fan does not work also the A/C does not work
the car had a weird heavy duty red amp wire with a big fuse from the fan control box to battery. along the fire wall I removed it didn't belong there,
I noticed it was spliced into the harness above the Fan control box. Car has no codes NO Check engine light on
I took the thick Red wire off because it was sparking from either pos or neg. very weird set up !!!
I checked every fuse I could find in the car . several were blown and replaced them which fixed several problems like the remotes now work.
I took the fan control box apart it seemed ok no frying I resealed it with silicone . I also noticed the fuse box with 3 fuses on left side of fire wall near shock tower
2. 200 amp to Battery
3. 50 amp ABS
4. 50 amp fuse to fan control box which was blown I replaced it
these fuses are hard to find but I got one
I will need to look into the harness near fan control box which is taped up its a thick wire which looks like it was cut to put on the red amp wire along the fire wall which was added I took it off someone mucked up this cars wires near fan box. wonder if a regular fan attached to the water pump like the old days
3. the car dash yellow light is on looks like a radiator
also the yellow light for the lights out several were out so I replaced with a few LED bulbs 2 rear side marker lights and tag lights are all LED. So perhaps LEDs are not good used in this car from what I have read . So only lights on dash are radiator and light out sensor, also the TPS is on so 3 lights on dash
I must get the cooling fan fixed because I cant get it registered and tagged due to not being safe to drive. soon it will classify as a classic and be able to register as Antique cant wait for that.
when car is idling the temp gauge goes over half way but since it is still cold here it does seem to not over heat
but one night I was idling it got warmed up and the pressure in the top radiator hose popped while I was setting in car guess cause it wasn't cooling but he gauge never showed over heating so for now
I taped the hose and added antifreeze till I can put new hose on I even bought a new thermostat . The hoses are rather spongy. but is it normal for the hoses to be so tight ? when warmed up. the cooling reservoir over flowed as I opened it carefully so the person before me added to much coolant but I never noticed a line on the reservoir to show limit line. the heater works great . NO A/C
This is my first Chrysler Mercedes so I feel very intimidated with this car due to it can be rather costly to repair when things do go wrong
I have bought several used parts on Ebay another cooling fan control box and harness cut back to the fire wall from a wrecked Crossfire. wish I could buy a parts car.
I did bypass the cooling fan to see if it was not the fan . The fan is working so guess the control box is my issue and harness. hope if I get this harness figured out and hope the radiator light will go out and the A/C pump will cycle ?? . hope I don't need a computer to do this repair.
I bought this car cheap $1700 so guess if worse comes to worse I guess I could part it out But hate to let it go since I love looking at it in the driveway. but the guy I bought it from on Letgo had trouble selling it . he had it on Letgo for months .
hope I wasn't rambling on about this just new to forums and Im not computer savy and wish things were easier to fix like the older cars. but younger people are more computer literate . Thanks for any imput
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Default Re: Help !!! Cooling Fan and A/C issues

click on this link it is in the technical section of this forum. You will find the service manuals and wiring diagrams available to download onto your computer:

seems like you are doing the right things to correct the problems. The warning lights will go out after short drive when the problems are corrected. The A/C may start working after you get the fan problem corrected, so don't mess with the A/C until the fan is working correctly. Sounds like you need to do a complete flush and anti freeze drain and replacement. Use only the correct anti freeze ( Zerex G05) when you replace the thermostat.
There is a good group of Crossfire owners in Maryland. Check the clubs section near the bottom of the forums main page.
Good luck and have fun with it; When it begins to seem too much like a job, take a break.
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